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Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken View Post
Ah, Lucifer was made to be above the angels, thus, was given a bit more liberty than the rest. When Lucifer rebelled, it was that extended leash and power that enabled him to break others from the Will of God and bring the War to the Throne of God.

Then God laughed and cast them to the earth.

At least this is how I learned it.
Lucifer had free will? Yes or no.

If no, then he was not acting of his own volition and the story falls apart.

If yes, then mankind alone does not possess free will and the story falls apart.

Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken View Post
Everything is subjective. Concepts like good and evil are subjective to the culture that develops those concepts.
Then it would seem that there is no evil then. Only a human construct which is relative to the culture. This seems to be the conclusion to which I keep arriving.
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