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I just did a quick run through of Samorost 1+2. For those who don't know, Samorost is this cute/warped series from Amanita design. Games like that, Man...

Those are the kinds of adventure games I dig, the indie sleepers resplendified in minimalism and quirkiness. Samorost has this really sort of drugged up, earthy feel, where the whole environment is organic, even the machinery.

Their new game Machinarium will probably win game of the year from me as soon as it's released. It's like a mix between I Robot and The Godfather, but the flipside, all the organic things are mechanical, the environment is completely contraptionistic.

Other Game I'd really like to play sometime very soon: The Neverhood. Huge Fan Of Earthworm Jim, from what I've seen, the game is a blend of that and Grim Fandango, but with more clay. My computer is too slow to run it, though. Wah.

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