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Played Risk and got drunk on rye last night... Good times! After about 4 hours, I had Australia and most of Asia (Green), a chick holding Africa (Grey), another chick holding half of North America and the bits of Asia I didn't have (Red), a dude desperately hanging on to South America and Mexico (White), and a guy with Europe and the other half of North America (Yellow).

Yellow cashed in for 60 guys, walked across northern Asia and into North America, took out Red, and cashed in a set of her cards for another 60 armies. Then he slaughtered White, got his cards, and cashed in for another 60 armies. He took some serious losses getting into Africa (lost about 80 armies to take a single territory held by 30), but eventually took that too. She didn't have enough cards for him to cash in to come after me, though, and he realized he was seriously overextended now.

I had 5 cards, and was definitely going to trade in and own the board if my turn came up now, so he made a kamikaze push on me... And after a night of rolling 5's and 6's when it mattered most, I kept getting 1's and 2's. It was still close, though... I finally started rolling decently on the second to last territory and took out 12 armies with 2, and the final battle for Eastern Australia was a 4 on 2 and came down to a 1 on 1. Final roll: 6 for Yellow, 1 for me. Ouch.

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