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Originally Posted by Shem View Post
Well, I did respond like a robot since this is a question I have seen dozens of times and as soon as I saw the part where Cavkov said he couldn't access it, I just responded. If he had been nice about it, I would have apologized for my error. Well, despite my error, I learned a lot about this person's character.

BTW, nobody help this guy. He clearly doesn't understand that he is coming to us for help and has a serious attitude problem.
I got an impression of you to be one of those guys who just is rude to people who have a problem, that's why I was irritated by your answer because you didn't even bother to read my question.

No need to make a big thing about this, we can all come along here.
It was just a missunderstanding bethwen two persons (you and me) there is no need to argue about this.
Anyway I apoligize for my rude answer.

I live in sweden, and because the new content isn't availble in EU PSN store I opened a US acount and downloaded the content. When I start a new game the only option I get is to choose the difficulty level Easy, medium, hard (master) etc. When I make the choice I get to play as vader. .

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