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Been away for a while. My original plan was to complete 3 Tython Ties stories before the end of 2008, but I can't stop writing about this part 2. I hope you still like it....I might write more...or have it lead into Tython Ties 3. We'll see.

Anyway, the story is expanded this week. We learn more about the death pact and how the brothers died. And...Jormin receives a gift.

“How…how did they die, Master Kavar?”
Jormin and Kavar sat down in the central room of the freighter, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.
Master Kavar smiled a bit:
“They died honourable, Jormin. They died fighting for the thing they wanted to protect. Like they promised you. That’s why they never fought in the Mandalorian Wars. They would always do the right thing.”
Jormin nodded. He had always liked his brothers. Although they grew to be powerful Jedi, they always took care of him since he was the youngest. They even let him stay in the Jedi temple to train, just because they loved Jormin. Who tried to levitate those blocks just the way his brothers did…but he simply couldn’t.
“How…where…” Jormin tried.
Kavar sighed. “This will be hard for you. If you want a break…just say so.”
Jormin nodded.
Kavar started:
“All three of your brothers died in the same week, Jormin. That’s why they couldn’t contact each other. And that’s why I am the one to contact you, instead of one of your brothers.” He sighed.
“Baros, your oldest brother, was killed by none other than Darth Malak. He was captured following a gruesome ground battle and was tortured to death. He didn’t provide the Dark Lord with any information and died like a hero, Jormin.”
He watched Jormin closely. Jormin nodded, a sign for Kavar to continue.
“Jon, your youngest brother, died in a battle as well. He died when his cabin on the Endar Spire was breached by enemy fire, a week after your oldest brother died. He was instantly killed and didn’t suffer…the only survivors of the accident are believed to be some Republic soldiers and a padawan named Bastilla Shan. She is safe, which was Jon's mission.”
Kavar took a nip from his drink. Jormin did the same and allowed the warm fluid warm his soar throat.
Kavar continued:
“And your last brother, Niron, died at the hand of a yet-unknown Dark Jedi. He never saw her coming, as he was dragging several of his comrades away from enemy fire on a battlefield. She stabbed him through the chest. He also died like a hero, Jormin. The other Jedi he saved are currently doing fine.”
Jormin looked up.
“What…what…about my sister?
Kavar sighed: “She…she has been assassinated by a group of Dark Jedi. She stood no chance. I’m sorry Jormin. It’s…it’s…
He looked at Jormin, who was now crying with his hands in front of his face. The young man shook harder with every passing minute.
“…there is something else. But we’ll discuss that later.” Kavar walked away, leaving Jormin alone with his grief.

Hours later, Jormin entered the cockpit, where Kavar was sitting.
“Welcome back, Jormin. I know how you are feeling...but are you ready to discuss the meaning of the deathpact?”
Jormin nodded and sat down on the other pilot chair.
Kavar pulled a little box from his backpack. Jormin knew it had something to do with the family line, since his family symbol was carved on the box.
Kavar didn’t open the box though. Instead, he pulled a datacard from his pocket and placed it atop of the box.
“This, son, is the contract accompanying the deathpact. You basically know what it means. It says you are the last living member of your family. It also means you must find a way to continue your family line. I won’t get into details, but let’s just say that there is a big chance the ‘Son of the Suns’ is a member of your family. We need the ‘Son’ to eradicate the Sith. If you don’t continue the line, there might be a chance the prophecy isn’t realized which means the Sith will never be defeated. But you know this. You were there when it was explained.”
Jormin nodded.
“It means the Jedi want to protect me and make sure the line is kept intact? You are here to protect me?” He asked.
Kavar smiled.
“No son. We can and will not force you to continue the line. That would create extreme moral difficulties and simply isn’t right. You’ll have to continue the line yourself. The pact is simply here to help you. And to proof you are really the last Tython. All Jedi involved with the pact will help you when you show it. Of course, they don’t know what it means. Just that they need to help you at all cost. It will make surviving this war easier.”
Kavar gave the datacard to Jormin, who stuck it in his pocket. Kavar then proceeded to open the box.
“This…Jormin, is Nirons lightsaber.”
Kavar ignited the mighty weapon and it came to life with a slow humming sound. The green blade flashed as Kavar swung it around a bit before turning it off.
“We couldn’t retrieve the other lightsaber that belonged to your brothers. They wanted you to have them though. Their will is included in the deathpact. But, like I said, only Niron his saber was available.”
Kavar put the saber back in the box.
“It’s a mighty weapon. I suggest you only use it when the situation offers no other possible solution. It’s dangerous being a Jedi these days. And since you cannot use the Force, you’re a far easier target then a real Jedi.”
Those last words made Jormin feel uneasy. Wouldn't the weapon make him an even easier target?

“Jormin. We will land on Dantooine shortly. The council there will provide you with a safe houses. You will probably get a list of contacts on the planet where the safe houses are located. You have a difficult time ahead of you. If the Sith know about the bloodline…”
Kavar nodded. “The Order doesn’t think you’re being hunted, seeing that every casualty was not connected with one other. But we need to be cautious.” He looked down at Jormin. “I’m sorry kid.”
Jormin smiled. “The way of Jedi it is then…” He whispered.

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