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Ah. I've been out a few days. Well, yes quite the education I'm getting from you, vanir. I like science. I guess what I was originally getting at with technology not necessarily being in line with science and the development (FOR BETTER) of the human race...It could be tied in with conveniences. Examples, spellcheck and calculators. Talk to a university, actually talk to many of them. I just wonder how much the conveniences are squandering the usefulness and overall effectiveness of the human race. Sort of why I like being a bit of a brute. So I can laugh when a plastic surgeon can't replace his own tire.

Still, in all seriousness... though I hardly think I'm cut out for research, there is something really satisfying about making some kind of definitive thesis, finding facts to prove it, refining it to eliminate junk and fallacies, alter it if it's not working out...etc. Why do I bring this up? Because a particular doctor I know (anthro guy, loves my SW geekdom for his special SW anthro classes... and an occasional lightsaber duel I coreograph) has seen how quality of research is degrading over time and at how informations obtained are really not so much informations as it is something advertising to be informations.

I'm stuck because I feel like I want to do something about it and maybe I could, but I don't even know where to start. I'm no shining beacon...YET if I have learned any one can't really fight trends.

I'm hearing all the time "progressive" this and that. I ask, what good is progress if you evolve away from your principles? From what made you what/who you are in the first place??? What ever happened to more conservationist philosophies? Well, I'll stop raving like a lunatic. My point in all this is that we may very well be our own undoing. I guess that's what always happens. And it starts all over again. UGH!

An example: After the Meji restoration, Samurai had to adapt their teachings to be more spiritual as opposed to combative. Those who held onto the pure old ways ended up crumbling into dust and blowing away as it were. The ones that survived the test of time? Maybe not quite the chivalrous samurai of old quite, but, I'm confident if things were to return to that out of necessity--little would be lost. Still, I wonder just how much has changed forever. That's still more futunate than the losses I see elsewhere.
People without their way--or even a way at all, for that matter.

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Superstitions...If I had believed in all of them since I was born, I'd be dead at least 10 times already. Despite technology advances it seems that some things have not progressed since the middle ages (or even the dawn of humanity...).
What, you mean like laziness? Here here. If it wasn't for laziness, I'd be out of a job. Lazy people need me. Keep yer pal GTA fed, BE LAZY! I need the $$$ to pay my bills and the work keeps me active!

I broke a mirror on friday the 13th once after going under a ladder. On purpose. Wonder what that would have in store.
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Meh, if 21st Dec 2012 is Doomsday, I'm hitting it up with mates, grabbing a few cartons and going out in style. No better way I should think
Well, I'm not sure what I'd do...It's a tossup. Backyard wrestling (yes, the kind that requires stitches for all the glass and chairs), Hang gliding (gotta fly), or a hot time with my gal pal (live and love). That's a tough choice.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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