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- The Soft Touch of Death's Unknown -

Black days,
brighter nights -
forsee my life.

Sickening breeze,
with what do I see?
Fire, in hell, in strife.

String theory,
Mediocre metaphor,
with what do I give thee?

Stricken misery,
that, do I adore,
in life, am I free?

Are our sins ever forgiven?
Forgive me if I've never tried.
It this the end, or the beginning?
Please don't go back, to when I cried.

I suffer to see thee in pain.

Thy lay in frost,
suffer the cost,
may you rest in peace.

Tenderness lost,
what do you want most?
To stick true to your belief.

To see the garden,
to watch your mind harden,
to be with no memory.

Walk within grass,
watch you life run past,
can you ever forgive me?

Truth is what I'll always seek,
truth is something I hope I never find.
I look to the future, my god is it bleak,
I am sorry that I must leave you behind.

I pray to the wind that you can find your way through the rain.

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