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Originally Posted by Boba Rhett View Post
OK so I just got through my first run of Fallout 3. About the ending.... what the hell? I mean.... what the hell? Even Oblivion's ending was better then that and Oblivion's ending was crap.
Yea, that's really my only problem with the game. The ending is horrible. The rest of the game was fun, but then you hit the brick wall of the ending.

Which, speaking of brick walls, is the other problem with the ending. It felt too abrupt, like there should be more game. On my first playthrough, I decided to work on the main quest some more, then go back and do some more of Moira's stuff, but then BAM! The end.

I kind of had a feeling when Sarah Lyons said "Are you ready, we won't be coming back for a while," or whatever her exact line was, but I was in disbelief that I really was at the ending that soon... the lead up wasn't natural.

So, my second playthrough, I just went to Megaton and talked to Moriarty. Then, I just went and explored, avoiding all the places and people I knew would move the story along until I was ready.

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