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Part Three: Finesse

Bodies littered the floor around them. The stench was starting to become unbearable. The burnt flesh hung in acrid drafts that floated through the nostrils until it nearly caused him to gag.

He was reminded of so many months ago in the Trayus Academy. Devouring it of all Sith.

This however, was different.

Jonas walked slowly up a grand set of stairs. Light flooded in from windows high on the walls, casting the room in a golden hue. His red lightsaber contrasting finely with sounds of last breaths being taken by various beings.

His breath was even, surprisingly.

His mind was clear.

But his hands still trembled.

“Revan,” he said. “It’s looks like this is the end. Either way, what ever happens, we will never return to the Galaxy we once knew.”

“No,” answered Revan who walked closely next to him. His own lightsaber was clashing its blue light against the gold. “It’s likely we will not, but this is the way I would have preferred it to go my friend.”

Jonas nodded. They reached a hallway and started to proceed down its long corridor. “Do you think we can win?” he asked.

“I honestly don’t know,” replied Revan. “I like to think we can,” he smirked. “What do you think?”

Jonas took a deep breath. “Someone once told me that the toughest battle is not fought with lightsabers or blasters, but with the devil within ourselves. If we can win that battle, any battle after that will be an ease,”

Revan looked at Jonas. “Wise,” he said. “Who said that?”

“Someone very special to me back home,”

“Well, least we both have something to fight for then, eh?”

“I guess.”


“No!” came a shout
“I won’t leave you behind!”
“I told you to run! Get out of here while you still can!”
“I said no!”

Jonas awoke in a sweat so cold that he thought he must have been lying naked on the planet of Hoth. He sat up and looked around. He had no idea where he was – the room was dark, he wasn’t even able to see his hands in front of him - but he knew one thing for sure.

They had lost.

The Republic was doomed.

“Ah, you have awakened,” came a voice.

He knew that voice. “Am I dead?” he asked.

A figure came into his view while a light flickered to life somewhere giving the room an eerie glow.

“That depends,” said Kreia. “Are you dead when you end your journey in the past life and come here, to the life after living?”

“Yeah, usually,” replied Jonas.

“Well then, you are dead,” she answered.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Do you not remember?” replied Kreia.

“No. Not all of it.”

“Well then, let me fill in the gaps for you shall I?” said Kreia. “You fought the Leader, and died. You were no match for him. There, I think that sums it up.”

“No, I don’t think so,” replied Jonas.

Kreia shook her head. “For such a smart Jedi, you can be so dim-witted at times.”

“I only reflect on my teachings,” retorted Jonas.

“Mm,” was Kreia’s reply. “Exile, you are something unique. Although I
somewhat failed in my task, you have indeed proved more admiring and arrogant in every way possible. You are my failure and reward for being a teacher.”

Jonas sat staring at his old master. “I want to know,” he said. “What did you think of me throwing you into the Heart of Malachor?”

It was a moment before Kreia answered with; “Malachor was always a piece of me. It ran through my blood; still does. It is only fitting that it should be my final resting place,”

Jonas cocked an eyebrow. “Not what I was expecting but OK.”

“What were you expecting?” asked Kreia.

“Well, I’d expect you’d hate me for it. You hated the Force. And yet, in spite of that, I threw you into one of the places with the most strongest gathering of the Force.”

“I hate you Exile,” said Kreia. “But I love you. It is a complicated thing, I must admit. But I “live” with it,”

Jonas refrained from laughing at her intended irony. “You were unlike any master I’d ever had,”

“And you were unlike any student of mine,”

“I guess we kinda worked together then, huh?”

“More than probably what an outsider would think, yes,”

A few moments past where Jonas looked down at the floor: “So what happens now?” he asked.

“That depends. You are at a crossroad. Only you can discern the right path.”

“I never wanted to go like this. I at least want to leave knowing that the Galaxy will be safe when I’m gone. I didn’t die, did I?”

“You only want to think that it went differently,” replied Kreia. “Or … is this what you want to happen? To die?”

“No,” said Jonas, after a minute. “I want to go back. I’m not ready to die yet. There is so much left to do. So much to say.”

Kreia did not smile, although her poise slackened. “Oh if that is your wish,” she said irritably.


Jonas felt a great rush of wind engulf him and suddenly he was awake on the floor of a great golden chamber.

He used to Force to leap to his feet and looked around. Over the other
side of the chamber, Revan was fighting off the Leader of the True Sith.

Jonas watched as Revan was knocked back and Force Pushed into one of the surrounding walls. Jonas leapt over to Revan.

“Glad to see you’re back with us,” said Revan.

“I never left,” said Jonas. “How’s it going?”

“Someone should him that, WE are the good guys,” panted Revan. “At what point, did we lose control here?”

“When did we ever have control of this fight?” asked Jonas.

“Good point,” answered Revan.

So this is it. Is this truly the end? Is there ever an end?
I am where I must be. Are you? I follow Revan, either to my death, or salvation. In knowing that, I still follow purely because of the fact that we all need to follow someone, or something, otherwise, as what was once said to me, we will never find peace in the next life. So I am here, nearing the end of the thing that never begun in the first place.

“Revan,” said Jonas. “Are you ready to do this?”

Revan looked from the man in front of them to Jonas. “I am,”

They clasped hands and shook. “It was an honour to live by your side,” said Revan.

“It was an honour, to die at yours,” replied Jonas.

Revan nodded, then turned to the Red Skinned Sith in front of him. He leapt forward.

Jonas turned and smiled.

He followed Revan and leapt forward - he was going to finish this once and for all, even if it did claim his life.

Exile, you are more then I could ever have hoped for.
It is a pity that the Devil within you still stirs: Never to be defeated.

================================================== ================================================== ==

Well, there you have it. It was a little cliche there at the end, but I was in a cliche sort of mood so .. there, lol. And I hope that SOMEONE will recognize the quote I put in there. Someone HAS too, lol. Otherwise what is the world coming too!?

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