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Yes, if I recall my studies into various religion, the Arch-Angels are the direct carriers of Gods Will, by that I mean if God decides to meddle in the affairs of man, his go to "A" Team would be the Arch-Angels to decend to earth to carry out his will. Such that it is assumed an Arch-Angel took the first borns of the Egyptians.

Thus, the Arch-Angels were created with a certain degree of latitude, God gave them a relativley long leash so they could carry out his will as they thought most efficant or prudent. Thus Lucifer gained the sense of pride, then envy, which resulted in his rebellion against God's Throne.

Again, God laughs.

Evil is so subjective, where I have arrived at your conclusion as well. With concepts like good and evil so subjective to even the individual it is hard to discern the truth. For example, to contain a potentially leathal virus from escaping to the general populace, I would be completley willing to raze and burn the entire infected area, and a good 10 radius from the edge of that zone. People ask, what if it was NYC?

NYC would not be NYC, it would be a rather large hole in the ground.

Because of that, I look evil. But, on the same token, I have potentially saved the lives of millions of other Americans.

It comes down to how far you go into the "Ends justify the means" belief. There are some ends that no means can ever justify, but again, that is subjective.

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