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Chapter 2: First requests

As I walked out of the Hydro lift I felt an immense sense of vertigo, a sense of Deja Vu as I started to walk. For some reason I felt flushed to step off the elevator and into this simple hallway. I didn't know why of course. I hadn't eaten anything for quite a while, nor did I drink any Alcohol since I left Corellia. Something about me just didn't feel right standing this high off the ground. I merely started walking to shrug it off

The funny thing about Kaminoans is, we always move elegantly. I of course was probably engineered no differently in that regard. When I walk I often move my elongated arms slightly, I sway my hips slowly and move my legs in the same direction. Really I just look and feel very higher class then most of the peasants that dwell in massive city planets like Coruscant. That is why I wasn't hesitant to leave Corellia, there were to many poor beggars walking the streets. The site of them disgusted me

I made my way down Jules's hallway towards his door. Already my first impression of Jules's home life came from his door. I moved my hand and traced my finger down the door frame. Catching a small amount of dust down it. I quickly wiped the dust off my pants and knocked on the door slowly. I slowly waited for a few minutes until the door swung open

Jules was a short man of course. He was a heavy set human with a dark complexion. His hair was black and raggedy and stunk of onions. That is another thing about Kaminoans. Our sense of smell is a little more... strong then a Humans. I instantly guessed that Jules didn't wash himself in more then a week. At least I bothered to wash myself before I left Corellia

"Hi... Jules..." I said slowly as I walked in. Jules's apartment was the apex of dirtiness. Trash and scrap metal littered the floor and furniture. I felt sick to whatever stomach I had as I maneuvered my way through the dirty apartment towards a table near the far end.

"So anyway Arch. I was checking 'round here and I found a few things I pawned off this guy. Apparently he was in such need for Pazaak cards he pawned off even his clothing. Jules pointed towards a medium sized transporting box on the table. As I walked towards it I felt that exact same feeling I had before in the hallway. But it passed far quicker and easier then the previous time. I quickly picked up the box and placed it onto the ground.

The box was full of several items of varying interest. The first item that I noticed was a trench coat. Now bare in mind, at the time I was still wearing the clothing I went undercover for Cor-Sec for. Which was mostly "standard issue" civi clothes. These were practical and hardly pleasing to the eye at all. I quickly donned the coat, noticing the jacket was a tad big for my frame. Especially in the arms, but I liked the nice change to simple civi clothes. I checked around the box some more but all I found left of any interest was an old datapad.

"This antique? It looks like it was used when Stormtrooper armor was still fashionable." I said to him sarcastically. As I picked up the datapad I noticed it was far larger then the datapads Cor-Sec had me carry around. Though I placed the machine into my pocket. I was just hoping that the nearest hardware store had something better then obsolete tech in my pocket

"Well anyway Arch. About a blaster, now I know an alien like yourself is not going to like walking around the streets of Coruscant unarmed. But all I have left currently is this." Jules lead me towards a small closet to his apartment. It appeared as if he renovated it to look like a miniature storeroom. On the leftmost slot in the closet held a blaster

Now bare in mind I love blasters of any sort. You could consider that to be a hobby of mine. I just love how they work and how easy it is to kill some punk wanting to blow your brains out. But I must admit, I hate old technology. Especially the used... DC-17 he handed me. I looked upon the gun with absolute hatred. It felt like a small amount of rust existed upon it's surface. I felt disgusted.. no tainted to even hold the weapon. But I still pocketed it into the Trench Coat's inner pocket.

"Alright. So you know anyone here who has any errands that need doing? I am in need of a few credits" I said with absolutely no trace of my previous contempt in my voice.

"Well I don't know. But if you can pick me up some blue milk from the store across the way I can pay you about 10 credits." I shrugged slightly, I didn't have anything better to do then hang around my suspicious apartment.

The sun was already starting to set but I already knew that it was going to be a long night.

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