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I just finished the Chzo Mythos. It was very well made for an indie game. There were some clever puzzles and the story was well constructed and engaging. I'd recommend it, but if you hate horror adventures you probably won't like it. I'm not such a big fan of horror myself but those games just were so engaging. They also deserve a medal for seriously creeping me out a couple of times. Anyone played them? What did you think?

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Other Game I'd really like to play sometime very soon: The Neverhood. Huge Fan Of Earthworm Jim, from what I've seen, the game is a blend of that and Grim Fandango, but with more clay. My computer is too slow to run it, though. Wah.
Whoa! Thanks for pointing that out! Looks amazing.

Wasn't it released in 1996 though? You really wouldn't need that high-end of a computer to play it.

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