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Anyone actually played vampyre story?

Ok so I am on a business trip and told my coworker we had to stop in at a store because I needed to pick up vampyre story… “huh?”, He said. I then explained yeah because of Monkey Island. So anyway I got it and am playing it when ever I get some down time while on my trip. So then I thought I wonder what the old dogs at the harbour would think of this thing and what do I see… Captain Picard, Magneto, and derailed trains…glad to see the few that are here haven’t changed much . So has anyone actually played it and what do you think so far? I think its pretty good. A nice change from FPS and the assortment of adventure games/interactive novels out there these days and has a MI3 feel to it. Then again I haven’t had very long to play it so what do you all think?


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