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Since the point of a gunslinger should be to not use force powers to fry your foes, or a big stick, I don't see why you need to be much of a force user. Anyway, I'd sugest using a scout to get all those nice free feats. As for stats, max dex, and increase it with any equipment you can get your hands on, doing so will mean even malak can only hit you on a 20. As for force powers, grab any buff you can find, and don't wear armor so you can use them. Feats: Rapid shot and two weapon fighting is all you really need.
Note: the emphasis on dex means you have no problem using a lighsaber if you find yourself stuck (though it's kinda like cheating), though it means that you must increase it any way possible, without the powers of blades/the force, your key to victory is outlasting your foes by not getting hit.
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