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Originally Posted by Jeopando View Post
Wasn't it released in 1996 though? You really wouldn't need that high-end of a computer to play it.
The Claymation effects are very demanding, surprisingly. Not to say I haven't tried to run it, but my computer is low end. Goddamn if I don't love Doug TenNapel though...

Grabbed Beneath A Steel Sky from Good Old Games. It's... Unique. More in the Sierra style, and the story is depressing. Ominous, to say the least. I find it odd that they juxtapose a dark, hostile environment with "humour".

Also just dug up an ancient copy of Pajama Sam 1, and zoomed through, more for the sake of Nostalgia than anything. It's still remarkably funny, for a kid's game.

Speaking of Kid's games, recently experienced Questionaut. The best "Edutainment" game I've ever played, and great design. Basically anything from Amanita is gold in my book. Like The Quest For The Rest...

Other AG's on the list, Professor Layton (Baffle Me This!), and Penny-Arcade Adventures, although I'm not sure if that's strictly an adventure game. Dig the comic, and the trailers I've seen positively radiate atmosphere.

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