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Army invades the mall with video game recruitment station


That's the latest come-on from the U.S. Army, which continues to refine its approach toward engaging teens and twentysomethings. Having seen amazing success with recruiting thanks to its America's Army home computer game, the military is now taking the pitch to the mall. Specifically, to the Franklin Mills shopping center in Philadelphia, where it has set up 60 gaming PCs, 19 Xbox 360s, plush couches, and "rock music" for potential recruits to enjoy.

There's even a real Humvee that players can shoot from installed as part of a 15-foot-high projected battle simulation and an Apache helicopter simulator that recruits can fly.
Not sure whether I want to take the "gee, remember when young people were lured into the military by the promise of an education? I wonder what it says about us that we're resorting to free video games?" tack or the "well, if we can't beat al-qaeda, we might as well adopt their recruiting tactics" route. Thoughts or suggestions?
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