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Alright I think its time to reintroduce a concept I have with a lot of my fictions. Beginning each chapter with a quote from a song. I didn't do this with the first two since they were mostly to set the tone and setting.

Chapter 3: The blue milk run

I'm back in the USSR
You don't know how lucky you are, boy
Back in the US
Back in the US
Back in the USSR

The Beatles - Back In The USSR
I don't really want to describe my way back down Jules's apartment building. I was already to excited about being armed with a weapon. So lets skip that part and go straight to the street level

The sunset was already well down. As I felt the dusk air cool my nostrils I felt better about walking out of the incredibly dirty building. I slowly began walking in the direction Jules mentioned the store was in. Along the way I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out my blaster. Bare in mind, the Dl-17 was an okay blaster... when it first came out. But now it's 10 years after the damn battle of Yavin. I still couldn't believe that Jules had a relic from the old republic in his apartment. I slowly checked the blaster clip slowly and reinserted it into the gun. I slowly cocked it forward and aimed it towards an Aurebesh sign. I slowly read it up and down

"Corellian Ale. A great taste" I shot the word great and cursed out loud. I actually meant to shoot Taste to test my ability.

"This goddamn piece of junk can't even shoot straight. I would be better off throwing it at someone then shooting them." I swore for several seconds quietly and continued to walk. I pocketed the blaster anyway, just in case. Normally in that position I would have thrown it at the sign.

The store was a simple place. Just a lit shop crammed into a large building. As I walked into it I caught the sight of a Gran across the room at a counter.

The store looked no different then the ones I saw in Coronet. It was your basic large room with aisles and a counter. I displayed no interest in the pathetic Gran and simply continued walking across the room. Mostly I hoped that he wouldn't see my weapon. I had once seen a shopkeeper who kept an Rail Detonator under the counter because of thugs.

I slowly caught sight of various products in the aisles. There were products such as foodstuffs and Bacta. But there was also Medkits and energy containers.

Odd I thought to myself for a second. Why would a corner store stock medkits and shield rechargers. But this only wavered for a second as I really lost interest. I slowly walked past the various aisles towards the deep freezes containing colder foodstuffs. I slowly took out a small carton of Blue Milk and sighed of relief.

I hate being a delivery boy. It just feels humiliating; like a dumb trained Katarn running around a planet for a fat Hutt. Before you ask no my analogies are not going to get better so shut it. Anyway as I pulled the carton out I heard something at the entrance of the store. I slowly closed the deep freeze door and crouched behind an aisle.

As I peered out I caught sight of several Trandoshans and Rodians walking into the store. At the most there were probably 5 of them walking in. All armed to the teeth with better hardware then I had. I slowly placed the carton down and took out my blaster ever so slowly.

"Resdakk says you still owe him 1000 credits" The trandoshan leading in front said. I personally don't like Trandoshans to much. Rodians I can stand, but a Trandoshan just looks like a smelly Kowakian monkey lizard. It just doesn't feel to right to me. I slowly waited for an opportunity to present itself.

"Resdakk doesn't own my bar. I am still under protection from the Blue Gungan!" The Gran shouted very loud and quick. As if he wanted to scare the 5 thugs off.

I kept crouching. Slowly aiming my blaster towards the leader Trandoshan. But what I didn't count on was a Rodian glancing in my direction and seeing me

"Look there. Someones there." I swore outloud very quickly and stood up. Aiming my blaster before they could.

"Any of you want to fire one shot at me. I'll blow you away." I snarled at them loudly. Apparently however the leader Trandoshan wasn't at all intimidated by this since he pulled out a massive DL-44 at me. I had barely enough time to crouch back in the aisle.

"Take him down." The Trandoshan snarled at the rest of the thugs. I slowly waited, hearing several footsteps coming near me. As I waited I slowly checked my breathing to tell if it was irregular, then I held my breath. I saw a Rodian come to my right.

As if like a reflex I opened fire at the Rodian. Hitting him directly in the torso. The Rodian's knees buckled as I opened a massive cavity in his chest. The Rodian screamed in his native tongue as I continued firing at him. I had barely enough time to react as a Trandoshan opened fire at me. I quickly dived into another nearby aisle and crouched again. Then I waited for the Trandoshan to reload.

I was close enough to the Trandoshan to point the gun at his head. In a split second I stood up, aimed and fired at his peasant face. The Trandoshan was blown clear off his feet and landed right into a Deep Freeze. A Rodian near him could barely aim his weapon before I shot him in the leg. The Rodian fell and could barely react as I walked towards him. I pressed the DC-17 onto the insects head.

Now don't take this the wrong way. But for some reason I felt some sick pleasure watching his pupils dilate; the fear enter his eyes. I gained some sort of happiness blowing a large hole into his head. As the Rodian's bloody corpse fell to my feet I slowly walked over it and aimed my gun at the remaining two thugs

The remaining two were Trandoshans, one of them the leader. As soon as I walked towards the two of them one of the thugs ran out of the store.

"A pity." I said slowly was I aimed my gun towards the Trandoshan. I was surprised that he didn't reach for his weapon. Instead pulling the Gran out from behind his counter. I backed up slowly and watched him go behind the Gran.

"Come any closer and I blow him away." I caught sight of an SG-4 blaster carbine in his hands. He was obviously a rookie, since he didn't fire it. I had used that very model when I was apart of Cor-Sec. As I heard him speak I coughed slightly.

"Fine I don't care. Kill him." I slowly walked forwards and watched the Gran's face recoil in horror. The Trandoshan shot him in the back, causing his body to fall in front of me. In that instant the Trandoshan didn't notice my gun pressed upon his chest

The kill was excellent. No blood, no mess. Just the Trandoshan falling backwards, his head hitting the side of the counter. A deep trail of blood soon oozed out of the back of his head. I slowly walked over to the Trandoshan and fired the rest of my clip into his corpse. Then I dropped it onto the ground.

I picked up his Sg-4. Contrary to popular belief the SG-4 is actually very lightweight. It is thin and easy to carry while wearing civi clothing. So I quickly folded up it's stock and slung it onto my back using it's strap. At least a carbine would be better then a badly designed pistol.

I walked back towards were I placed the Blue Milk. I picked it up and carefully stepped over the thug's corpses. As I did so I took out my datapad and checked the time.

"Lets see... it has been around 20 hours since I last killed someone. Not my best record." I said monotone as I placed it back into my pocket. I slowly hummed to myself as I walked out of the store

The store's light was still on by the time CBLE made it there. But I was long gone by then.

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