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Yes, you will need to move fast, but you can get it in the temple on Yavin as you mention.

Force Speed F3
Force Pull F2

when you get to the open area where the lightsaber is in the cage in the centre, a pillar with the cage on top, and to the left of that is a ramp going down. On the left side of that pillar - facing the ramp - are a series of 'pins'... use PUSH on each one to drop the cage down to floor level.

JUMP up on the ledge above the ramp, and look straight ahead... you'll see a block slightly raised above the level of the ledge - get right up in front of it, and Quicksave. Jump up on the block (pressure plate) and turn around quickly, hit Force SPEED.

Before the plate even hits the ground, run straight ahead (up the ramp) and use PULL on the Lightsaber before the cage closes again. This will probably take several attempts so it is a good idea to have saved before you activate the pressure plate. Enjoy your saber!

And when you get the lightsaber, there are a number of moves that aredetailed in the manual that you can learn if you really want to experincewhat it can do....

There are various moves you can make with the Lightsaber during your fights... with the beautiful graphics (and using a 'third person' view), they look very nice - and have the additional benefit of being deadly. Play around with your Lightsaber and learn them all...

Some include: JUMP towards or over an opponent, and while in mid-air wiggle the mouse around and slash - Kyle will flip over in mid-air, slashing downwards on the unprotected opponent.

Run towards you opponent, and while running crouch and slash - this one brings you in low, under their defenses.

To stab backwards, you need to be facing away from your opponent (be careful!) - hit your 'Back' key (default is the down arrow) and slash.

Move the mouse to turn while slashing... Kyle sweeps in a big circle, which can sometimes get an opponent unawares (but it also leaves Kyle wide openfor retaliation).

If you decide to keep swinging as you run (just hold down both your primary attack key and your run key), Kyle will do a kind of destructive ballet, spinning around as he runs, sweeping and slashing with the Lightsaber. This can,of course, leave you wide open to retaliation... but it can also work against a small group of foes.

And you might want to note that swinging your Lightsaber as you SPEED
around the place can be a little disconcerting - because of the slight graphics distortion caused by Force Speed (especially the highest level), your aim might not be as good as usual... practice, practice, practice.

there are a lot more moves to learn, as many moves as you can make with the mouse or joystick....

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