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Originally Posted by JediAthos View Post
I would think that it is up to parents to ensure their children know the difference between a game and reality.
And where VG's are the proxy for the parents who are largely unavailable or self absorbed? (for the record I agree, but I want to see your thoughts regarding the proxy factor if you don't mind)

I'm not saying I like what the Army is doing, but as was mentioned it really isn't a new tactic. The America's Army game has been around for a long time, and having been in the military myself I would recommend that anyone considering joining do their homework and make sure they understand what it's really about before they sign the paperwork.

I largely knew what I was getting into when I joined, and I hope that no one relies on a video game to show them what the Army is like.
Yeah, really. Well, I always had people like you around all telling me the same thing. So thank you for doing a service to the public or at least to young people trying to decide what to do with their lives.

Yeah, they tried flat out lying to me. Appealing to me on my technical talents to be a radio tech...then my neighbor who was a marine back in 'nam said, "the radio guy is who gets shot at first so you don't call for backup when in trouble" I thought it was a little odd, anyway, how a guy was being all coo with me, a guy who would ordinarily call me mountain trash.

Definitely do your homework and fully understand *before* signing anything.

I have a buddy in the army right now. He keeps getting roped in for another 2 years. He chose to be, of all things, a mortician. They screwed up paperwork and record the first time his term was ending. The second time the got him in a financial thing with fees he'd be paying for years. Morticians, no real danger, but due to being less expendable, usually end up having a good 10 years about.

Yeah the military's game just keeps evolving. Now it's going after youth in a trendy fashion. Nothing new, basically.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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