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@GTA: as to the parents that really aren't parents...I don't know...maybe those are the kids who could benefit most from the positive things the military offers. (discipline, professional training etc...) I'm not trying to sound like a recruiter, but my time in the Navy helped me get the the job I have now and it was because I did have training, and I had discipline and a work ethic. I don't know what else to say to your scenario really, the children of those parents deserve better, but nobody is perfect I suppose. (For the record parents like that irritate the hell out of me.)

I think I can honestly say my recruiter never told me a bold faced lie. The only thing I didn't like that he did was try to get me put in the nuclear program (probably because he got a bonus if he did I'm sure) which I wanted no part of because I suck at math and science and that's basically all it was. I'm thankful I ended up in the non-nuclear Navy.

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