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Please comment if you have read as it greatly increases my morale

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I discovered a cave today while I was having a walk through the
countryside. I went in and discovered that it reeked of both Dark and Light Side power. I explored, but was eventually forced out by a large group of Kinrath. I intended to go back soon as I feel as if the Force is drawing me there. Anyway, I will continue with my writing.

I scavenged Andrew’s corpse and took his lightsaber and all the things that happened to be in his pockets at the time. A packet of gum, a 5 credit chip, a bag of chocolates and a small blaster that I had entrusted to him a few days before the attack. I should probably have stayed, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to leave the horrible place where I had lost someone that had almost been like the son I never had. I began to stagger towards the hanger, weighed down by grief and anger. At a second thought I slung Andrew’s warm corpse around my body. I had to assume the battle was over as only the occasional sound of blaster fire echoed through the city. On the way to the Hangar I encountered a large clump of trees. I had an idea. I pulled out a pistol with a silencer attached and fired at the trees. They quickly began to burn a brilliant red. Then I somberly kissed Andrews cold cheek. It was so sad, his lekku lying limp… unmoving. I cast my friend’s body into the brilliant flames. It was good that he would have a true Jedi’s funeral. I waited a moment and then quickly skulked into the shadows, heading towards the hangar. I knew that tomorrow I would wake up with an empty space in my heart.

One who retreats lives longer.

I reached the Palace hanger. I discovered the all the ships were sabotaged except for a TIE fighter that had obviously landed recently as the ion engines where still hot. [You tend to use that sentence structure a lot. Try to vary your sentence patterns to make it a smoother read.] I intended to take off and hightail it off of the bloody planet. I was about to climb in when a cold, metallic voice rang through the hangar.

“Stop there, Rebel scum!”

A squadron of 6 troopers in tight formation pointed their rifles at me. They had just entered through the doors of the hangar.

The commander raised his hand and barked, “Ok, men, fire in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!”

All of them pulled their triggers, but nothing happened. I had used one of the oldest tricks in the book .I had used the Force to make all the safeties on the blasters click backwards. One the troopers managed to say, “Oh sh—”

He didn’t get to finish the sentence. I threw a charged ball of Force energy at the tightly packed squadron. Those that weren’t incinerated went flying into the back of the hanger. I remember it felt so satisfying to hear the crack of bones as the troopers hit the wall.

I was ready to leave, but then I heard the soft pitter-patter of footsteps echo through the hangar.

“Drop your blaster….NOW!”

I turned. An imperial officer was staring at me. I knew him to be an officer because of his uncomfortable-looking uniform that hung from him like an unwanted second skin. At closer inspection, there was something about the officer that just looked… wrong. I realized that his face seemed to be distorted, cracked, and scarred much like a picture I had seen in the Jedi Archives of a…..Sith. This man had the faintest echo of the Force at his command.

When I realized what a threat he was I pushed the cautious part of my brain into a dark, shadowy basement. I intended to use the element of surprise, but that particular strategy didn’t work. I pulled my lightsaber to my hands and leapt at this new opponent. He reacted too quickly, drawing a lightsaber that was as red as a mynock’s eye, with which he parried my assault. The officer backed away.

“Ah…there were rumors of yet another Jedi here! My master will be pleased!”

With those cold, hard words he began to throw torrents of horrible force lightning towards me. I blocked, sending the unimaginable power back towards my assailant. He screamed. It was so loud I was forced to drop my guard and cover my ears. Suddenly, the agonizing sound was replaced by a pain in my chest. He had renewed his attack while my guard was down. I was dead, nothing could save me. A miracle occurred however. It was Captain Typho. He limped into the hangar, several burns covering his body. He had a blaster in his hand. He aimed and fired. The aim was perfect, but the Sith’s saber swung to intercept the bolt. The Bantha poodo blocked and sent the charge straight to Typho’s chest, killing him instantly. Typho was dead, but he had died heroically and for a good cause. The Sith had been distracted and had stopped the wave of lightning just long enough for me to snake my lightsaber upwards into a defensive position. Now I was ready for a fight. I attacked ferociously, putting all my might into my attacks. I thought that killing this Sith would make Andrew’s death slightly easier to bear.

The next few minutes became a blur, my saber a haze. This Sith was nowhere near as powerful as Skywalker, and I knew that I had the advantage. I moved quickly, and eventually I won out. The battle went into a huge clash of sabers, forming a blue and red “X” between us. I quickly made a fist and punched my opponent’s gut. He staggered back, and I lightly skimmed his leg with my saber while Force pulling his saber to my hand. He fell to his knees with a cry, his concentration broken, helpless.

“Do you worst, Jedi!” he spat.

It would have felt so good to run my saber through his chest, to feel the savage pleasure as he drew his last breath. Half of me thought killing him would save me, while the other half knew it would destroy me. I had every right to kill this man, but although I had already brutally murdered that night, my soul could take no more.

I instead used a cruel trick that I think the Sith deserved.

I delved with little difficulty into his mind and discovered that his greatest fear was…. snakes.

Then I created an illusion. I shaped it with the Force’s power .Suddenly this man started seeing snakes devouring his own corpse in his mind. He began to scream as he visualized his own horrible fate.

With a thud he drooped to the floor, writhing in agony.

I said coldly, “This is what happens if you cross me, you Gizka! Now I want you to tell your “Master” that I am dead, or this will be your fate!”

He continued to scream. I took his saber, a few credits, and most importantly an Imperial passkey and identity chip. They would be most useful. I took off in the TIE Fighter. Stars waited. I wanted a drink to drown my sorrows. I was reaching out to the stars. Then just as I was about to enter hyperspace, I saw an asteroid. I suddenly realized that crashing into it would be a reasonably painless death that would truly end my sorrows. I could see Andrew again!

I changed course towards the asteroid. I was embracing death.

Suddenly The TIE fighter I was piloting shuddered; I realized I was caught in a Star Destroyer’s tractor beam.

I swore… loudly.

Never was anything great achieved without danger.
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