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Well, you gotta make going off and dying for your country seem like a great idea now that the patriot well has gone dry. Less people seem to be signing up now that we have the 30,000 injured veterans, the lackluster injured vet care, and the multiple tours with mid-tour extension after extension.

I admire their balls.

I'll still never forgive the Army for coming to my High School multiple times during the height of the conflict and advertising the Army as a meal ticket and free college education, completely glazing over the fact that signing up now gets you a tour in the middle east. I understand why he sugar coated it with a cherry on top, but if there is anything I find more insulting... it is dishonesty. Not even lies. Just complete dishonesty towards everyone in the room.

The recruiters and the videos, pictures, power points they showed the multiple times they were there. The "If you sign up, you're a real American" and "Those that served are better than those pesky civilians" attitude that stagnated from them like a rotting corpse. The little change in tone whenever they spoke about those "civilians", like being one was like spitting on the flag.

Turned me off to the military entirely, and I come from a heavily military family. I can understand the need for recruits, and the opportunity the military gives...

But, I'll never forgive them for that stunt. This little bribing stunt isn't much better, but at least its in a public setting instead of a 9th to 12th grade computer class.

Plus, they wouldn't let me in even if I wanted in anyway.

And before someone points it out: yes, I do have an irrational dislike of the military.

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