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Shinobi (yes, a Naruto rp :p)

19 years later...

The Akatsuke have been long defeated. Orichimaru's reestablished organisation renamed The Snake have been silenced. The entire land of shinobi has been left with calm and peace it has awaited for that lasts... until now.

While the major crime syndicate organisations have been compromised, others still pose a threat to the entire nation. As such, the group who calls themselves the Arashi plead for the assistance of a team of ninjas to aid them in protecting their sacred burial ground from the Ogawa.

This RP is based on the popular anime Naruto. Set about 19 years after the events of the Shippuden era, Uzamaki has finaly achieved his goal of becoming Hokage. Very recently, a representative of the Arashi have requested the assistance of a team of chunin/jounin to aid their cause against the mysterious Ogawa. If this plays out well, we'll be going through 3 and a half story arcs (the half consisting of a period of training for the last arc))

Anybody who is interested, you may base you character biography sheet like this:

Rank: (Chunin and over)
Appearance: (Pic/Description)
Nature Type:
Justu: (You can be creative, if you wish. Also, during the training arc, you'll be learning yourself new techniques)

Ok, that pretty much covers it. I guess I'll post my character (you may have up to three)

Name: Kaneda Yamagato
Age: 16
Rank: Chunin
Appearance: - credit goes to ~akewataru
Personality: Laid-back and serious. Often cocky at times.
Weapons/Equipment: Basic Ninja Equipment (Kunai, Shuriken, etc...), Katana.
Nature Type: Wind, Lightning and Plasma
Justu: - Shadow Endgame
- Chidori
- Lightning Blade
- Lightning Fist (A Chidori based form where the user infuses his fists with Lightning)
- Kusanagi Sword: Chidori Katana (I forgot to add that a LONG time ago, when he first used it in the first story arc. My apoligies)
- Wind Release: Hair Wind
- Wind Release: Flying Kunai attack (Users forms several kunai out of Chakra, with an enhanced damage effect)
- Wind Release: Flying Kunai Storm

Justu learned after Training Arc:

Lightning Release: Shadow Torment (The user traps an opponent using the Shadow Endgame Technique, and conduct a Shockwave of electrical chakra to the target. The disadvantages include more chakra consumption, which leads to a short time of usage.)
Lightning Release: Shield of Justice (A very adaptable justu with any chakra nature, this justu was invented by Tategami. After performing the necasary handseals, the user can create a highly powerful surrounding shield capable of resisting against many attacks. The common weakeness this justu possesses is that its not as effective against its stronger nature rival; Lightning being weak against Wind is a example)
Plasma Release: Kamikaze Fist Discharge: By using the common science of mixing Lightning with Wind (which is essentially concentrated Oxygen and Gas), Kaneda can infuse his fists with the created Plasma to deal a devastating combo attack against his opponent. The weakeness includes a 5 minute charge time, which leaves him vulnerable until he can perform the Justu. This is said to be Kaneda's most powerful attack, and only uses it as a last resort.)
Werebeast Form (Given to him during the Fight Against Gosai. When using Werebeast form, his strength and speed increase. He is also able to tune in with surroundings; able to sense pheromone levels and chakra points, similary like the Byakugan ability. Unfortunatly, Kaneda isnt able to stay in the Form for very long, and consumes almost 10 percent of his chakra every 2 minutes.)
Yin Seal: Release (After Training with Dai, Kaneda was able to modify the Yin Seal Release to create new Chakra to increase his strength in Werebeast Form; as an alternative to drinking human blood. Kaneda can only use this twice, as long as he has enough Chakra stored to create the Artificial Energy. After usage, he becomes extremely tired and exhausted to the point where he's on the Brink of death.)

Background: Kaneda Yamagato is known for his laid-back personality, but is a serious and determined fighter. During his days a genin, he used to be a member of team 8 whom was run by Shikamaru Nara (who taught him the Shadow Endgame Technique). Kaneda's laid back nature was inherited by his sensai during his training, and so finds it hard to take anybody seriously at times.

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