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on the topic of program prefs:

im with gta: i hate IE with a passion.
i havent used safari before. i use firefox3 right now and cant decide about chrome (im staying with ff because i have lifesaving addons that i cant let go of!)

I don't know what anyone else here uses, but I use this for all of my media needs. Once it's configured correctly nothing beats it, IMO.
lol, ive been using mpc for ages, but ive never really used it for music listening, as its not too user friendly for that kinda stuff in my experience (i could be wrong) i use mpc and vlc media player for when i come across random file types. motto: if its a weird media filetype, mpc can play it! (well, 90% of the time anyway)

another reason im using wmp is because its incredibly easy to manage music on my cell phone (more so than the cell phones actual music software: nokia music manager). just drag, drop, and send via bluetooth! done! (and the UI is far better on wmp rather than nmm)

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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