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Just a few little pieces to keep things going. On the spot so forgive me if they seem ... crap, lol.

Forget all that you have ever known, nothing can save you now. Grow these lies whose seeds you've sown, ominous faces you stare and scowl.

================================================== =

Live the day for forgiveness, tell that person everything you want to say. Fill up your emptiness and take me away.

================================================== =

Sacrifice your wings dear angel,
relieve me of my sin's.
Help take me away from this hell,
take me now, before it begins!

================================================== =

I watched you fall from grace,
you stood there right in front of my face.
Your words, they cut me like a knife,
my blood drips, leaving trails of my life.

Such a sweet little demon you were,
you sat there whilst you watched them burn.
We'll never die, we'll never leave,
we'll never cry, you better believe.

I'm cutting all the threads,
Not to worry, even when you want us dead.
I see you lie as you sow the stitch.
No time to escape, we're stuck here with this witch.

The mirror shatters from your nasty web of lies,
down in the depths of your ocean of demise.
So come here my sweet necropolis,
satisfy until its over, my sweet little paradise.

Will you be my sin?

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