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I couldn't agree with you more about the veteran care. The VA is a mess, and I hope that Pres. Elect Obama will do something about it because the VA seems unwilling to change themselves but that is a different topic

To be honest Avery, I don't blame you based on your account of their recruiting tactics. Even having been in the military I don't approve of stuff like that. I think it's ridiculous, and to the best of my knowledge not all recruiters are like that. Now, on the other hand I didn't join in wartime either. I joined in '97 when, though they were having recruiting problems, there probably wasn't as much pressure on the recruiters as there is now.

It's a perfect example of why I would highly recommend that anyone considering joining talk to someone BESIDES the recruiter before they make their decision. I realize that not everyone has that luxury, but with the internet these days it's a more viable option. I certainly wouldn't have an issue telling my tales about my experience.

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