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Thumbs down Inaguration "state of emergency"


President Bush has declared a "state of emergency" in order to secure funds to pay for security for the upcoming inauguration of Barack Obama.

Personally, I think this is despicable. I've seen dozens of reports about all of the parties, balls, and the parade they'll be having for the looks like they're set to spend thousands & thousands (if not a few million) of dollars on the inauguration ceremonies in a day when the economy is on the downswing.

I remember when President Bush was elected (both times) hearing complaints about excessive spending on his inaugurations...but I haven't heard many complaints about Obama's inauguration...probably because his being elected was supposedly so 'historic.' Well, the only thing more historic than Obama's being elected president is our national debt, but no one in our government can seem to get it through their heads that increased government spending isn't solving our economic problems, and that cutting spending may actually be worth a try.

Personally, I think the use of the 'state of emergency' declaration just to get money to pay for security for the inauguration is an abuse of power. A war is an emergency. A natural disaster is an emergency. An oath, a speech, a parade, and a bunch of parties does not in any way constitute an emergency, and any American with a modicum of common sense should be pissed off about this.

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