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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Do the police/SWAT games emphasize/glorify killing?
I hope not, but I've not played any police/SWAT games so I'm not qualified to answer that. The closest I've come is playing the CSI games.

Originally Posted by Achilles
"Join up and shoot ****, beeotch!"

Originally Posted by Achilles
To your earlier point, if business schools started releasing simulation games to encourage enrollment in management programs or if medical schools started making RPGs to help influence potential doctors, etc, that would be one thing and I would congratulate that kind of innovation. But that isn't what we're talking about here, is it?
Your OP only asks for very broad, non-specific 'thoughts' on this and did not ask if it was appropriate for the military to do this. All I was saying was that the program is apparently effective from a recruitment standpoint and the opinion that we'd admire it if it were in any industry except the military. I never made commentary on whether it's right for the military to do this. If they are evaluating their target audience to determine the most effective marketing strategies and then utilizing that information for recruitment and it's successful, that technique is no different than any other company evaluating their target customers and devising a marketing strategy to best reach them.

If the military is intentionally deceiving people with this recruiting tactic, then I have serious problems with that, and I'm not too excited about glorifying extreme violence anyway (whether or not it's for military recruitment). The flip side of that is if someone plays the game and decides that killing pixels is distasteful, they've learned something important about their desire to enlist.

Business simulation games? I think a game called "Read reams of profit statements and go to endless meetings to discuss prevention of EEOC suits!!!!" would probably drive people away.

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