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I wanted to check your advice about pivot point orientation but now whatever I do carcass always gives me "File contains 'cubic' scale keys" error, though my windows regional settings are set to US. I have no idea how it worked the first time... And I have no idea what to do about this error... Thanks anyway...

By the way, one of my friends tried to do skeleton in 3Ds Max 5 (XSI exporter v.1.6.1) but not successful. He's got something wierd.
When model's meshes and bones are linked as usual, then (after carcass compiling) in ModView model looks very strange. All bones are situated normal but something wrong with the surfaces/meshes. Those meshes which are weighted to one bone (fore example mesh "head" is weighted to bone "head_bone", mesh "neck" is weighted to bone "neck_bone") are separated, situated in different dinstances from they bones and rotated . One mesh which weighted to several bones (for example the upper part of mesh "tail" is weighted to bone "tail_bone1", the middle part to "tail_bone2", the lower part to "tail_bone3") is deformed and also rotated and situated in some distance from skeleton. And something wrong with the scene_root orientation - looks like it's rotated too... But meshes and bones are connected, it can be seen while playng animation.
Can it be because of pivot points too?
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