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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Actually, I was asking which of those two responses should be the one I should adopt.
Why would I ever tell you what response you should adopt?
Originally Posted by Achilles
And in my opinion not everyone would share that admiration.
And I said 'if it were any other industry'.
Originally Posted by Achilles
Joe Camel.
Obviously I also should have added "any other industry except the tobacco industry".... And any other industry that contributes to health-destructive behavior like smoking, just to cover any future things you might bring up. Joe Camel was a very effective marketing tool as well, though I don't like what they were marketing. I wouldn't have been surprised to see a Joe Camel game if the tobacco industry were allowed to do it. I think we can agree that using a very effective advertising scheme to sell something that contributes to an average earlier morbidity and mortality is not in a consumer's best interest.
Originally Posted by Achilles
I guess that depends on whether or not we consider glorifying violence for young people as being intentionally deceptive.
Nope, they aren't really connected, I probably should have added a paragraph break there for clarification of the separation. I just noted I'm not fond of overly violent games in general, whether it's the Army or a game producer.

Originally Posted by Achilles
Yes, if we let people who grossly oversimplified business program games which fit those erroneous stereotypes, then I don't imagine very many people would be interested in playing.
I've had to testify at an EEOC suit and might end up getting called into another if it ever goes to court, even though I'm not directly involved in either case. There's no way to make HR problems 'fun', though if anyone could, you'd probably be the one who could figure it out.

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