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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Yeah, I heard you the first time. I believe I responded that your assertion wasn't true on the basis that I would feel the same way about any industry for which shooting/killing people would be an occupational hazard.
Just making sure you understood my point, because it sounded at first like we weren't connecting on that bit.
Originally Posted by Achilles
Maniputlative then? You don't see anything wrong at all with something that helps to ease the transition from shooting pixel on a screen to shoot people in a battlefield?
As far as extreme violence on video games goes, I'm not thrilled with any of those types of games, and in that respect the military wargames are no better than Rainbow Six, Crysis, or GTA. If you feel all military service is A Bad Thing, then you're going to view this recruiting campaign as manipulative at best and dishonest in general. If you're asking me if this disturbs me, in some ways it does--many high school kids are just not experienced enough in life to recognize when someone's blowing sunshine up their butts, and this takes advantage of that. One can nonetheless grudgingly admire the creative approach without necessarily agreeing with the results. In fact, there might be techniques there that other businesses could learn from, just as businesses can learn from the Joe Camel campaign to market their (hopefully) legitimate products.

I'd love to live in a world where we never needed a military at all and would never go to war. I highly doubt I'll ever see that kind of world, unfortunately. We still need people on border patrol, we need people in the Coast Guard to do things like rescue people out of planes that crash-land in the Hudson river, and sometimes we need people to go to war to deal with people like Hitler. There are people who want to do that job and would be good at it, and the military wants to find those folks.

Originally Posted by Achilles
Yeah, I guess some people see the "problem solving" aspect in things and find it challenging and/or rewarding regardless of whether it's boring old "working with people" or not.
I love working with people. There are very few patients I just plain don't enjoy because they're complete a-holes to the entire world, like the guy who threatened to beat up his girlfriend in my office because she hadn't sought permission from him to get her eyes dilated--had to call the cops on that one. For every miserable jerk I see, though, there are lots of patients who are just terrific. It's rewarding to find a way to connect with each patient in a way that works best for them so that they understand their eye health and treatment plans better. However, I can honestly say EEOC suits royally suck for everyone involved. Some HR problems are never going to be rewarding--they're going to be situations where the best you can do is minimize damage. Now, if you make a Wall Street (the movie) type game, where you have to use business skills to figure out who's the corrupt company officer, I might go for that.

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