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Heh...I'm late to the thread again, as usual.

As far as the Stars rating system goes, I don't really see any point to it. Anyone can give you any rating whether they know you or not, whether they've read your posts and agree with you or not. And it has no particular function, so I think it might be a good idea to ditch it.

I think the same goes for other Ranks, like Stormtrooper, Mercenary etc, tied to how many posts you've made. What usually happens is someone decides they absolutely must have the greatest number of posts, and they will post anything just to bump up their post-count.

I think that's rather pointless. Personally, I usually only post something when I feel I have something good to contribute to the forum, either to help others, or to debate pertinent issues.

Regarding OWK.Net...yeah, I think you guys are right. We had some really good times over there, and I have some fond memories - but like anything, once you move on, if you try to go back to something you've left behind, it never feels the same.

I vote we enjoy the here and now, and attempt to make these forums as good and friendly as OWK.Net was.

Also, long live the Galactic Plumberman Alliance!
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