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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Maybe I can lend some advice for this one... saber block. Each time Sideous tries to blast you, block with the lightsaber and after you stopped the attack, press block again. This turns his own Force energy against himself with no effort at all by the player. You don't have to lock on or even move to avoid his shots. The key is that you can literally beat him just by watching his hands and timing your blocks so you can turn his own lightning against him(Mace Windu come to mind?). Leave your guard down until just before he strikes, otherwise it doesn't work.

When he cheats and makes himself invincible so he could throw those four canisters at you, Force repulse to throw them out of his grip.
I appreciate your advice, but all those things you told me are things I know. You will see how Sidious can be way more difficult on Sith Master if you are able to get there using those techniques.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Anyway, I appreciate the advice, but just don't want to bother with wasting countless hours trying to beat something like this. Vader is much the same way, so if I can barely beat him in Sith Lord, I'm not going to try Master anymore.
Vader is easy if you know what you're doing. The simplest way to beat him is to block until he does his red-shielded Force Push. Immediately get directly behind him when he charges it then after he releases the push, attack him with a lethal combo and repeat. If he grips you just get out of it and if you're good enough, time it to start swinging at him just before you land as he won't block you.

If you use the simply technique that I told you about with Vader's Force Push and if you're patient enough, you shouldn't lose much health.

The second part where he throws those big boulders at you. Throw the ones one the sides of the walls as him first. If you hit him with one, he's stunned. Then throw another one. The best was to do this part is to have the Ruusan power crystal installed in your lightsaber as it costs less Force energy to use it which helps as you keep throwing stuff at Vader. You'll barely have enough to throw at him before hitting stage three of the fight in Sith Master. Then of course in stage three, repeat the steps in stage one.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
I just don't know how you beat their defenses or why these bosses are immune to your own attacks. My problem comes from trying to avoid Kazden's powers, which are significant to your health, and barely scratching him even when I do score direct hits. I'm just not going to try anymore, but thanks for the advice.
Just remember that it can be done what you were trying to accomplish. The key is to learn the weaknesses of each boss. I practiced against them all countless times until I mastered each one on Apprentice difficulty (I used that difficulty so I can make mistakes trying out new strategies and not pay for them at the time for practice sake) before doing the Sith Master so when I did Sith Master, I was ready for them.

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