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Name: Karela

Age: 16

Rank: Chunin

Appearance: about 5'9,has brown hair and green eyes. She wears a jacket that resembles Naruto's old jacket except that it's black with a blue Knoha swirl in middle on the black.

Personality: Karela is mostly kind but she has a bit of a mischevious side that gets her in a bit of trouble from time to time.

Weapons/Equipment: (Basic Ninja equipment, Kunai knives, Shuriken, large shuriken, demon wind shuriken, Flash and smoke bombs)
Nature Type: Earth and Wind

- Shadow Clone jutsu,
- Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu
- Shadow Shuriken jutsu
- Shadow Clone Jutsu
- Seven tailed self-destruction jutsu. This is a last resort Jutsu which allows Karela to release all of her energy on a target. It is unknown if this Jutsu is fatal to her.
- Earth Barrier Jutsu ( Creates a barrier to sheild allies from attacks)
- Earth scythe Jutsu (causes massive spikes to rise up from the ground to impale a target)
- Earth Coffin (Justsu that allows Karela to encase an enemy target in stone and hold the target there until the target either surrenders or suffocates due to lack of air)
- Kunai Hurricane jutsu. (Karela hits the target with a large amout of wind-propelled Kunai knives.)

Background: Karela was born in the Hidden Leaf Village and went to the academy at an earlier then average age. she had a thirst for knowledge and quickly grew to be quite proficent at many jutsu. She has a problem with authority and lives on her own in a small apartment due to the fact that both of her parents are dead.

She is a good friend of both Hokage Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga and goes to them both frequently for advice on how to live on her own. She has a strong dislike of Sakura Haruno(and Vice versa) due to the "Windy Street Incident", a practical joke that went wrong in her younger days

She likes to eat at the ramen shop and spends her time working at the flower shop.

She has a tendancy to lose control when she gets really angry, and when that happens, her inner demon is released. She starts to lose control when she goes up to the fourth tail and completley loses control when she goes five tails or above. When she goes five tails or above, She and her tailed beast both get confused and may turn on their allies.

After the training arc

Due to intense training during the three month training period Karela now has near complete control over her tailed beast and now the only way she can lose control is if she surrenders it to her tailed beast. She now carries a large scroll across her back which she uses to summon various weapons some of her own invention.

When she first began her training she dedicated herself to bringing back Asuka as she blames herself for giving Asuka to the Arashi, not knowing that Takai has taken her from the Arashi.

Techniques learned during the training period

Wind relase: Leaf teleportation: Not much is known about this jutsu except that Karela spent nearly two weeks perfecting it. Based on what is known, Karela uses her affinity for both her wind and Earth chakra to teleport herself to any location.

Earth release: Exploding Earth Coffin: Karela imprisons a target in her earth coffin and then covers it with expolding tags. Not suprisingly, this jutsu didn't take that long to perfect.

Wind release: Rasengan: Although she doesn't use it often, Karela knows the rasengan technique. She is able to create it using one hand.

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