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Alright, this RP looks like a lot of fun I shall try, but seeing that I am not as knowledgable in Naruto as everyone else here is, I am inventing something new in the Naruto universe: A SAMURAI! (Tell me if this conflicts)

Name: Akagi Shurijima

Age: 22

Rank: Ninja's ranks do not matter to Akagi, though to most of his fellow warriors, he is actually a Samurai lord.

Appearance: Akagi almost always dresses in black and dark red samurai armor. He also sports a red armored face mask which covers everything facial, minus the eyes and forehead. He is rather intimidating with his dark black hair and 6'3 height. He displays his swords openly, along with a small array of weapons. His black helmet is basic of that of his era of Samurai, and it has two distinct ceremonial steel blades rising from the top, much like horns in a way.

Personality: Akagi is known for having a very very strong sense of honor. He can also be seen as inhuman due to his actions, but outside of combat, he is quite kind hearted. He is also known to possess wisdom beyond his years. However, he is also seen as slightly deprived of a normal citizens life due to the fact that he is often not among any of the villages, until now.

Weapons: Akagi publically displays his Samurai Daisho or the two blades of which many Samurai have: A Katana and a Wakizashi. These blades are sheathed in an embroidered sheath that is painted black, and is highly recognizeable to Akagi's status. He needs no other weapons.

Nature type: Akagi respects all forms, though does not practice in any type.

Jutsu: Taijutsu, something taught to all of the warriors in his land. He has tried nearly all of the numerous forms, though he may be considered an expert in the 'Drunken Fist.'

Background: Akagi was born into a long line of Samurai Warlords. And he has not strayed far from that image. He became very well known among the Samurai community for the speed at which he became a Warlord and how ferociously he had fought for the old ways. He soon began to plan coming out of his hidden nation to learn about the outsiders, and perhaps restore the old ways. He, however, does not like ninjas, he finds them annoying, not to mention that his family had had a long standing dispute with several Hidden Villages and these Village's Parent Nation. Now, he travels these Hidden Village's lands, seeking knowledge, and finding new ways to lead his people back, and to restore their old ways.

you very much
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