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Exclamation Kotor Tool, TSL and me... (?)editting ingame item(s)

This thread is about me editting the Bronze color crystal in Kotor tool and not getting the desired results and looking for assistance.

Ok, I tried KT for the first time. I wanted to play with the Bronze crystal just to try KT out (since Bronze is not really doing anything, anyway).

I went into BIF/templates/blueprint, Item and chose u_l_colo_10.uti. Double clicked it, went to properties, clicked the * and double clicked the black arrow.

I selected Damage Bonus under Property name, subtype Fire and 2d10 for Value. I tried it once with and once without Upgrade required: Barab cystal.

then clicked add

Then I double clicked the new * under my previous entry.

Property name I chose Damage Resist

Subtype Cold

Value Resist 5/-

then clicked add

I lightly editted the discription both times with various things, nothing out of the ordinary.

Then I saved to desktop under u_l_colo_10 and I add .uti = u_l_colo_10.uti

I copy it and drop it my override, then KSE it into my game. When I load the game it has the description change, and has bonus damage, but its not correct. The bonus was the same both time: 1d10 fire, +5 darkside (not what I selected).

What is going on?

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