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Originally Posted by Darth Moeller View Post
Well so far I'm liking it, I had GHIII for Wii so the controller would have been identical to the 360 one I was planning on getting and so far I like this one better. I actually got kind of lucky, I brought my Wii guitar to gamestop to trade it in, and as I was walking in some guy was walking out and he bought it off of me for $15 instead of the $10 I would have gotten trading it in (which at only $10 I dunno if I even would have traded it in, I told myself I needed at least $15 to make it worth it before I got there). But in any case, the guitar I bought was the only used guitar for either Guitar Hero or Rock Band they had so I didn't have much choice.
Hah, nice having some guy buy it off you. That situation almost came up for me personally. I was behind in line at GameCrazy when some kid was trading in a bunch of old games. I think he traded in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (it may have been the second one, don't remember) for 360. The guy says "uhhh, you'll get $1.30 for that one." I was really close to just laughing at the kid, I would have paid him $2 for it, even if I already owned a copy myself. Could have gotten $5-10 off eBay for it.

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