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Grammar has never been the strongest part of my writing. Anyway in other news I have recently received both Quake 2 and 4 for my 360.

Chapter 4: Something I need
I stole a mask from a phantom
to disappear for a day
I stole the ring from the golem
to watch him wither away

The Hiss - Back on the radio
One thing I absolutely love to do is walk in the dark. The entire... feeling of just walking into the unknown. It just feels fascinating to me. The only feeling that can compare to that is walking into fog. Fog is another thing i like to walk into, except unlike night I can at least see where I am going.

Another little quirk about Kaminoans. Sadly enough we have very good night vision. So in that case I am virtually blind within the dark. However in the light on the other hand, I can see at a far greater distance then a human being in my position. I guess a two handed sword is better then nothing at all... but honestly I don't know what I am talking about now...

Anyway after leaving the store I started walking. I love mega cities like Coruscant and Corellia for one reason. They are as brightly lit during the night as they are during the day. I walked down a few catwalks fully noticing all of my surroundings. As I walked I noticed a lack of pedestrians walking around, but I paid no notice. I kept walking until I made it back to Jules's building

Now I was scared. You had better believe I was scared out of my goddamn mind. As I walked into Jules's apartment building I was shocked. I thought I walked into the wrong building. But there was no denying it based upon the address. It wasn't the filth from before that shocked me. On the contrary the place was spotless

In the lobby of the apartment building I felt I could almost see my reflection in the walls. The place was so neat and tidy I felt I almost had a heart attack. It seemed only ten minutes before I walked into a peasant lair. Yet here I was, in a den of better living. I eased myself to the elevator which like the lobby looked spotless. Even the Cor-Sec building in Coronet wasn't as clean as this place. It was as if the landlord enslaved dozens of peasants to wipe the soot off the entire building top to bottom. I quickly calmed myself down a tad, it was far to childish and stupid to keep dwelling on such things

The hallway on Jules's floor was the same as the lobby. Clean as hell, but I ignored it and walked back towards Jules's door. I slowly knocked on his door and waited outside. Briefly checking my SG-4. The trigger felt jammed and it's clip felt a little light. Meaning I would be in trouble if a group of thugs or peasants tried to rob me. I sighed slowly and slung the weapon back onto my back. As I did this Jules answered the door. Before the door even swung open I barged myself in. Thrusting his blue milk into his hands.

"Hey Arch... I take it you had a bad time buying me blue milk?" Jules asked earnestly. His sincerity felt masked by sarcasm so I ignored him. I noticed he had another figure in the apartment. As the figure turned I sighed slightly.

The figure was a Gand who was roughly my height. I measured this by walking closer to him. Now I have never met a Gand before in my life, I had only known of their species from holograms in the briefing rooms on Corellia. So I felt I was learning just by standing here. I knew Gands, like Kel Dors needed a special kind of re breather to breath within oxygen rich environments. But other then that I knew virtually nothing else

This Gand in particular appeared to be a mercenary. How do I know this? He wore typical mercenary armor that encased him within a shell. What appeared to be eye sockets were set high above, where a human's forehead would be. The helmet slanted backwards in a hook-like fashion downwards. The re breather itself was situated in the middle of his helmet. Protruding out of the re breather were thick tubes that lead to an area I didn't care to notice. The armor itself that the Gand wore was dark brown and coarse. As if the Gand went onto Tatooine and found the armor laying in the sands for centuries. Across his armor rested an ammunition belt with a blaster holster attached to it. The Gand also wore a large overcoat above his armor which I already knew carried several more weapons.

"Who's this Jules? You bought some Sabaac cards off a dealer and forgot to pay?" I asked him turning my head slightly before fixing my gaze back upon the stranger. Jules quickly rushed forward and rested himself in the middle of his.

"Arch this is Nukeel. He just came up here because of my prime selection of Sabaac cards." I shrugged slightly because honestly I didn't care. I was close with my guess anyway.

"Yeah yeah yeah. I don't really care. Anyway if you don't mind I need to get back to my apartment. So just give me your ten credits already." I said as I yawned. I watched as Jules put a strange look on his face. Like he didn't know what I was talking about. Then a sudden realization came to him and he ran into his closet.

I walked over a wall to my left and casually leaned onto it. I waited patiently until I heard the Gand walk over to me.

"I take it your after some credits?" Nukeel asked me. His voice sounded robotic and artificial. But of course his re breather probably had a vocabulary inside to translate whatever the gibberish his species spoke into pure galactic standard basic.

"I am always looking for credits... why?" I asked him casually, yawning again.

"Well I know someone who might need some work done. Judging by your appearance and SG-4 I take it your not afraid to get your hands dirty." I stopped leaning on the wall and straightened myself out. Then I walked closer to the Gand

"How do I know you don't have a collection of credits on you right now. You are here to buy some Sabaac cards after all. This was a futile jest on my part because I heard a loud sound, like an ignition sound. I looked bellow me and saw the Gand had quickly pulled his blaster on me. The blaster was aimed at my chest

"Because your probably not stupid enough to try and rob me." Nukeel soon pulled out a device with his other hand. "Here. Jules tells me you worked for Cor-Sec. Well if you check out I'll contact you proper. Then the Gand quickly withdrew his blaster and moved his head closer to me. "Word to the wise though. I wouldn't try and do anything stupid... like try and take me down." I heard shuffling beside me, Jules's outstretched hand containing ten credits.

"Here you are Arch. Ten credits for that blue milk you got me." I heard a shuffling in the Gand's re breather. As if it was a shallow laugh.

"Well then Razaak. It looks like I don't need your Sabaac cards anymore." Without any word the Gand quickly walked out of Jules's apartment. Jules's face had a very humorous confused expression. Yet it wasn't the time nor mood to laugh. I still had Nukeel's device in my hand

The device was a comlink designed to rest on the user's head. I knew these were rather expensive due to all the intricate technology and how exactly it would rest on the user's head. I slowly placed the comlink onto my head and quickly allowed it to stick to my skin. Kaminoan's have a very intricate system for hearing that I wont go into detail right now. But just trust me that I could potentially hear anything that would go through the comlink.

"Thanks Jules. Listen I have to go now. Without so much as glancing back at him I walked out of his apartment. I slowly checked the time with my datapad and began the long trek back down through the creepy lobby towards my apartment.

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