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If the money statement is true, then Lucasarts is overlooking a few things:
A)Extra time needed to recode in the game features to a new engine. Different engines work differently, so all the coding done by FR is wasted. Sure, FR transferred over the gfx, models, maps, and coding, but what's the point of having coding if you can't use it on a engine that can decipher it?
B)Buying licenses isn't insanely expensive, in fact, I know some of them charge based on how many copies are sold (think of it as relative to a console tax). Many games are made on other engines. FR did say that the budget for the game was already high, so coupled with the "investment" made into producing the game already in transferring the data to Rebellion, investing a tad more into a license to solve issue A and C should be a no-brainer. Furthermore, lots of games are already made based on this. Unreal engine is a well known one.
C)Disappointment in PR with fans going up to release. Seamless Ground->Space = MUST HAVE!!! NO CUTSCENES AS "SEAMLESS". NO CUT MATERIAL (remember officers from Bf1? or how space turned out? or "embeded" movie footage in the campaign? or the removal of air units in "land"?). I for one won't be buying Bf3 until it goes into the bargain bin if it doesn't have this. Too many letdowns from Bf1 and Bf2 based on the hype beforehand might lead to slower uptake/sales as people wait for reviews.

Anyone think that a unified petition across multiple forums should be made? .(lucasforums,,,, etc.) If not on buying the rights, then at least petition them to take time to make a quality game and not rush it, I would think we can live with delays as long as it is a quality game, we've already waited so long

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