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so far windows 7 rocks on my tablet pc vista which came on it was always dragged like a dog even after I upgraded the ram from the 1 gig that came with it. the version of scumm vm never did work either. After a few attempts to kill or make the os usable I killed it and then it just became my "lets see how many ways I can kill windows" pc by making tri and quad boot drives. So the moment Win7 was realeased I knew I had to get the tablet in on the action. To test it out I even went down to 1 GB of ram and it still workes great - so far at least - we will see if it quad boots better than XP though.

Now It didnt look like MI directly from the monkey maddness cd was going to work so I pulled over my old copy of Scumm VM and boom monkey island!!!! it seems to handle a lot of other xp programs better than vista ever did so if things still look this good after I have had more time to mess with it I might actually be an early adopter this time.

Brighteyes good to see your still on here as well


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