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I am a big fan of SB2, and I would like to say hi to you all that I share your enthusiasm for the next part of the great series.

That being said, my only wishlist is to keep everything the same as much as possible with the exeception of some things that comes to my mind.

1. 3 maps that consist of land to space battles. Something somewhat similar to Grand Theft Auto. While the other maps are specifically for either land or space.

2. Improve fighting physics for Jedi and Sith characters. Maybe have your own customized jedi or sith character and use it when you earn enough points during game play like Battlefront 2?

3. Have the option to customize your character of whatever classes. I mean, if you play online and select, let's say a regular storm trooper, you should have your own customized storm trooper that is unique (only in appearance, not weapons), but not entirely different than the other player's storm trooper look. It should apply to all classes that you can customize for your own preference. Kinda like the PS3 SoCom Confrontation where you have either different customized characters for the two different factions (Commandos and Mercenaries). The more point you earned in multiplay, the more options on choosing what kind of helmet, camo & colour (for the rebels or whatever faction that is fighting the Empire), body armour, race, and etc.
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