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Hey everyone!

It would be great to have Jolee cameo or a pupil of his but ....maybe there is something we can do.

Jolee would be died by now.
The question is after kotor1 did Jolee come back to the order or leave on his own and return to his wandering the galaxy ways?

If he returned to the order then he probably died on Katarr, but if he didn't would he train again......?

I might place an easter egg relating to Jolee if time permits....

I think it would be cool if someone did a mod where your character meets up with Jolee and face the growing forces that are hunting the Jedi. Here you can give Jolee a death scene and show how your character survived the assassins plus give the audience in site on how the idea of hiding on wounded planets came about.....maybe from Jolee....

The Teaser will be out any day now.
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