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Well, I don't remember it and it isn't in "k_inc_force". Assuming it is cut content, I don't think it could be restored since we don't actually know what it does? I guess there is nothing stopping you from writing a force power and using the icon though

There is a line in "spells.2da", if its any help though it suggests there was supposed to be 3 tiers to it:
Desc. 1207: "This power gives the Jedi access to all of the Alter Force powers."
I also managed to dig up from searching:
String 259: "Alter"
String 1195: "Force Focus: Alter"
String 1256: "Prerequisites: Jedi classes only; This feat adds +2 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against the character's 'Alter' Force powers."

If you're looking for any of the junk I did a few years ago; you can probably still find it all on filefront

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