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[SPOILER] Ziagrom Triggering Issues

You know that Ziagrom guy who comes to tell you, Darth Revan, that he and Mika Dorin, the Rodian bartender on Korriban, want to help you defeat Malak? Yeah, and he tells you you can get special items from Mika if you tell him Ziagrom sent you.

My problem: Ziagrom won't show up anymore.
He used to show up the first time I got off the Ebon Hawk anywhere after the Leviathan (except Yavin IV, of course),
but the last few times I've played the game, he never shows up. I can use KSE to make the game think he did show up so that I can
get the goods from Mika Dorin,
but I'd rather have Ziagrom actually talk to me. I don't understand why he doesn't trigger any longer, because it used to work. It's not a mod, because the only mods I definitely reuse every time are ones I used back when he still worked. And it isn't that some file got messed up and I need to reinstall KotOR, because I reinstall it every few games anyway--errors can creep in by installing and uninstalling all those mods, I've found. Hard to keep track of all of the TSL Patcher files you need to back up and replace and everything.

So I'm totally lost. Anyone got any ideas?

I'll probably not be able to do it the right way this play-through, though, even if somebody knows how to fix it. I'm about to go into the Korriban cantina. I'll have to use KSE again~


Sorry, I found an answer to this in another thread. I should have looked better. A thousand apologies, mates~

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