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[[Wow, I seem to be posting more and more darker things lately... Weird...]]

Blackened Soul

How long? How long will I have to stay here for?
I stare at these four walls every minute of my never-ending day.
Their stares, their stares shake me to my very core.
Will I ever find you? Will I ever find a way?
To free myself from this pain inside.

My melancholy chorus is my dream,
wandering down a blackened hallway all I see,
is my pride and sadness fall into one,
I try to see the sky, but I can't see the sun.
No, I can't see the sun.

My mind is deep and my scars are fine.
Without this cup of sanctity, all I taste is a bitter wine.
Somewhere underneath my sea of dreams,
lies a chest of pearls and my sweet release.
Ferry my tears from all these years,
to the stars above. To where nothing is never enough.

The treasure inside is the boulevarde of all that breeds salvation.
Lines and lines of miracles, the war has just begun.
I look to the sky, but I can't see that sun.
No, I can not see the sun.

Fires in waves, in smokey smiles,
no more days, say goodbye, I'll see you in a while.
Contemplating me own way, will it ever be the day.

Pretty girl, with a cold smile, she touches me inside.
My fanaticism is just a pen on paper when I see her eyes.
My blinds are open they show me the world.
How cold it is, how warm it is, how different it is when we coincide.
When we take a walk on the otherside.

Down a tunnel where time stands still.
My face in front of a camera what's not real.
Orange bubble of a circle unfinished,
roll down the hill, to nothing, break the seal.

Pop another sense of reality,
no words can explain this fealty.
Tear down this wall, it's not me anymore,
too much colour, too much say,
too much feeling in a non-talking way.

Fall down into a spiral of unrealistically safewords.
These chains hold me down, make sure to undo them afterwards.
Under the layers of black and white, something is wrong, something isn't right.
Pull out the needles and the pins, no matter how much I want it, I will never win.

Blacker days, and blacker nights,
no lightning in this cloudless fight.
I look up to the dark sky,
but no I can't see the sun.
No, I can't see the sun.

Where I go and what I know is something that I never know for sure.
I walk down the road and end up at a dead end street.
My life, my soul, my lies all bottled up into one,
where they meet, how they sound, if they even notice the sun.
No, they don't even notice the sun.

In my room there is no shine,
there is no universal rhyme.
No fall of any kind, except for my own eyes on the ceiling above.
Can it be fine?
Will it ever be fine?
I look in the book for the definition of love.

Vibrations of my sanity, caress the walls of society,
and in the end will I get to see all that I was meant to be?
Inside the layers of our soul, the war has just begun...
But I can't see the sun.
No, I can't see the sun.

Forgive me life, my darkened life, will I ever find it won?
I await the day where I will see, if whether or not that day will come.
The day where I will finally be able to see the sun.
Where I will see the shine.

Forever outbound in my sanity,
in this box of cliche memoirs, I swim in vanity.
But the day will come, this I know,
Where I will see it end of snow.
Where everything will be won,
Where I can finally see the sun.

I can finally see the sun.

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