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I finally finished the game, although I freely admit that I cheated at parts(especially where sneaking is required!). I went solo after the cabbie somehow talked me into it, and then played back to watch a few alternate endings. I haven't watched the Kuei-Jin one, but I've already read a spoiler for it, so wth! The game probably would have been easier if I didn't piss off Vandal:P I don't think I could have gotten past the Kuei-Jin without godmode. Or the werewolf, for that matter!

The final battle with the sheriff was pretty easy as a Brujah:P In the first part, using Celerity (with Potence and Presence if you wish) can get you through with hardly a scratch. In the second part, you're fine with use of Celerity and switching to melee once in a while to slash the ghouls (? bat things or whatever?) to ribbons.

All in all, definitely one of the best games that I have ever played. It's a shame that Troika no longer exists.

Next playthrough--Malkavian!

The sun goes down and the sky reddens, pain grows sharp.
light dwindles. Then is evening
when jasmine flowers open, the deluded say.
But evening is the great brightening dawn
when crested cocks crow all through the tall city
and evening is the whole day
for those without their lovers

-Kuruntokai 234, translated by A.K. Ramanujan

[Fic] Shreds of a Dying Belief
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