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Well, hello there :)

Spast, I hope this OJP forum is alive as ever
Greetings everyone, as you might have idea that I'm new face(not a newbie ) so I though it would be polite to say hi and thank forever whosoever is working so hard on ojp mod because it it the top 1 mods for JKA to me Thank you!

Well now, uhm..
First of all, I did some searching on forums, found rather interesting posts really

-like Wining Saberlock (never figured saberlock, but now I am the master )
-Thread that explain all styles which I can't find right now -.-' edit: Saber Fighting as Described by Wikipedia- An easier way to see it. - TheDestroyer99 posted in a last post, yay ^^
-Saber prks

But onto the question... First of all I'm using ver 1.2 and I was wondering are there any hidden perks other than the info inside the game, for the saber I mean?

Like for example, soretsu style will have more reduced parry if you stand still rather than walking...? I saw it on forum, saber perks thread so I don't know if that has been added or something.

Hmm, does the riposte work in 1.2 v? (at least thats what it wrote on my installation screen )

Its tap in direction + parry?

This mod really owns, having a blast..
You could modify saber manual abit o_O I had to read it up to three times, not that I mind really. I like the youtube thingies, but when you watch it you have no idea what you're supposed to do lol.. Put it in matrix mode?

Bah, don't mind me.. I'm just glad having this mod really...

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