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Whats going on?

Whats happened to people? We used to believe in things, we had imagination, passion and our own ideas. Now most people only have what media tell them.
Nobody takes the time to enquire about whats going on today? Conversations about subjects usually start with 'ere did you hear about that thing on the telly'? WHAT THE ****ING WAR??!! Go on reel off the list of bollocks they told you!
Many of the mindless prats just automatically think they understand everything about peoples opinions, reasons and choices just because the tv told them about it.
Why can't they think for themselves? Form their own opnions based on what they've learnt from the people who were actually a part of whatever it is your talking aout.

As ya can see i've got a volcano of vitriol erupting at the moment so im sorry if that dont make sense. I'm not on about a certain subject just the mindset of todays population. (i do understand not everyone, and maybe all this is just jealousy that america has some hope at last and England has none because of it's festering shrivelled up brains).
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