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Okay. Pretty much what I thought your position was.

Yeah, such is true for much when you learn to "see" it--violence included.

It seems like U.S.A. isn't the only society to do that either, for that matter. Maybe just my opinion, though. Still, it just seems like this is a problem everywhere these days. UFC is *mild* compared to its earlier days. Just watch some of those. I believe none other than John McCain has openly criticized them for the brutality even if it wasn't mainstream yet.

Have you ever seen old martial arts competitions? How about old pre-WWII films of kendo competitions? While it was all in the motto of "end conflict fast", I'd say it's more civilized today than back then.

Russians also don't believe in limitations on police force--no such thing as "excessive force". While this is hardly glorification, it is a mode of making it to be more 'normal'.

I think that violence is glorified everywhere, or at least it happens so much that general populations are conditioned to it.

@Jae, I agree it's possible to value the military as a good thing, and admire the 'effectiveness' of their tactics (all feelings and ethics aside) while despising those tactics themselves and their results from an ethical standpoint. Good clarification.

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