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*cough*Gee, this is soo dusty...*cough*

Well, I thought a separate post from my last one was a good idea due to this post's length; Anyways, I've gotten Master Atar (the Council Member I mentioned in my last post) completely textured. BTW, you're not going crazy; He does have 2 eye colors, thanks to the miracle of Taina's replacer.

Master Atar (I replaced the vanilla head to see his head faster)

For his appearance in my other mod that I mentioned, I have a hilt done for him. (Props to DarthParametric for making the model, Marius Fett for answer to my UV-map question and me for the UV-Map and its' texture.)


Did I mention that I had another mod idea using the unused modell and texl columns of male PCs in TSL? I made four textures, and the original two (now with gloves) Bandon and Sith Master robes. One of them is Master Atar's robe for his appearance in my 2 mods. I'm still working on fixing the boots of all of them.

Atar's Robe icon
Atar's Robe skin

And, in line with TriggerGod's enhancement of my original Mission Vao PC mod for TSL, I decided to do a version for K1. (It's meant to be used only in the first game since I used the original eyes and lips of Mission.) I still have to fix the eyebrow. It's the official first head that I'm including with my restarted Project: APoC mod. (Yes, I've officially restarted that WIP finally. )

With Tattoos (The exact tattoos I used with the TSL version.)
With only Sith Eyes

*takes a deep breath* Well, that's all I have to show off and tell about at this time. As always, feedback is appreciated.

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